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so I thought that I'd share this lovely little story...

I went to a bakery today because I was hungry. while I was there, I found a creampuff. i didnt know what kind of creampuff it was, as I cant read japanese, so I just grabbed it and paid and went to find a place to sit down and enjoy my lunch. I unwrapped the creampuff, and took a BIG bite, heavy on the cream. and wouldn't you know it, it turn out not to be a creampuff, but a very fancy TUNA SANDWICH. and that custard/cream I was wondering about? yeah, that was mayonnaise. I HATE MAYONNAISE. so, needless to say, I lost my appetite and threw the creampuff away. but not before guzzling and entire waterbottle of water just to get the mayonnaise taste out of my mouth. lol. well, I guess the lesson for today is:

make sure you can read the language that the sign is in before you decide whether to ignore it or not. :)

ok, nighty nite ppls!
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